J-SLIDING is Diabolo Juggling Innovation – premium diabolo sticks, community & tricks

J-SLIDING is diabolo juggling innovation

Whether it’s sticks, community, or tricks – 
We’re here to figure out new things

J-SLIDES are unique sticks for diabolo juggling

We love our idea just like hundreds of diabolo players


top idea in top design
Newest sticks


there's only one original
Aluminium inside


First. J-SLIDES. Ever.
Best for beginners


dress up in J-SLIDING style

Become a J-SLIDER, juggle differently

We are creating a new community of people who are open to endless possibilities of juggling with diabolo

Learn hundreds of new tricks
and combos with diabolo

We tried to destroy J-SLIDES...

We've been here for a while

We were at the EJC... that was a ride!

Do you need help?

We are (almost) normal people, so get in touch with anything

The web is almost done...

We are going through a big change.

Thank you for your understanding and if you have any questions, please contact us at info@j-sliding.com