J-SLIDES 2.0 – innovative sticks for diabolo juggling

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J-SLIDES are diabolo sticks, thanks to which you will experience a completely new way of juggling, you will discover a whole new community of J-SLIDING jugglers and thousands of new tricks. More info…


The next generation of the J-SLIDES were built with professional jugglers in mind. These are the ideal sticks for anyone who’s looking for a mix of quality design and appealing aesthetic. These clever sticks are made from a combination of wood and aluminium so they are both really strong and light. 

They are not just suited for J-SLIDING, they can be used as your everyday diabolo sticks. Being lighter than a TV remote, the sticks don’t strain your wrists even after long practice. Believe us, you will never need to touch your previous sticks again, because this unique diabolo sticks do the classic job well.


  • handle length: 145mm
  • body length: 155mm
  • sticks length: 300mm
  • diameter handle: 18mm
  • sticks weight (2 sticks): 60g
  • J-BULLET weight: 1g
  • sticks complete weight: 62g


  • Czech made
  • Natural material
  • Clean design
  • Shortest stick in the world


  • Pair of J-SLIDES 2.0
  • 2x J-BULLETS
  • 1,5 m of J-STRING
  • 3x sticker

1 review for J-SLIDES 2.0 – innovative sticks for diabolo juggling

  1. Tomas Zahradnik

    Every day Jugglin’ <3

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